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 Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I pray that you receive this in the finest of health and Iman.

It was a pleasure to know of the revival of 'Insight', via cyber-world. Your effort will be instrumental in opening of communication lines between Muslims living in the US and Australia. Together, with our ideas and common pursuit of establishing good and forbidding evil, the West will benefit from Muslims and Islam, InshaAllah.

The Shura Council of Southern California wishes you the very best in your renewed endeavors. We pray that Insight flourish and prosper and that it reaches the homes and minds of Muslims in the West. Separately, I will send you addresses of web-sites developed by Muslims in the US and it will be mutually beneficial if they and IFEW can be linked with each other.

With our fervent prayers, Wassalam,

Shakeel Syed
Facilitator, Shura Council of S.California

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