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Vol 12, Issue 2 , No. 34

August 1997


Life, Death and Resurrection

The phenomena of life and death touches at the very heart of our existence. The age old question of the meaning of life and mystery surrounding death still baffles even the modern world. For most religions there is also the concept of resurrection, or a life (or many lives) after death. Whereas we can observe life and death, resurrection is hidden from us.

So what makes life start and what makes it stop? Consequently, when does it start and when does it stop? Questions such as these are at the heart of heated debates surrounding issues such as abortion and euthanasia.

Each and every one will die. We come into this world, naked and penniless and leave this world in the same way. Many consider this life as a permanent one, others consider it as a temporary one - an examination for the final life: the life after death.


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August 1997 issue of INSIGHT is

30 June, 1997

People should not be trapped into the glamour of this life which is to end with nothing. On the other hand, people should not refrain themselves from enjoying life. How can one draw the balance between the two - the Middle Path? It is only through research and communication that humanity can improve its knowledge concerning the Essence of Being: life, death and the reality of life after death.

Suggested topics/Questions to answers

 1. Viewpoints of Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism and Christianity about the phenomena of life, death and resurrection.
 2. Explanation and interpretation of scientific findings in the light of the absolute Revealed Knowledge ­ the Quran and the authentic information ­ the Ahadith.
 3. Reflections about the Life Cycle in different phases ­ Islamic viewpoint.
 4. Is life the combination of soul and flesh? Where did the soul come from? Where does it go after a person dies? Answers from the Islamic viewpoint.
 5. What type of life (if there is one) would it be in the grave? What type of life in hell and paradise does one expect to have? Answers from the Islamic viewpoint.
 6. How does the Islamic concept of life, death, the ownership of life and body, and accountability for our actions affect our views on issues such as abortion and euthanasia?

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