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Rules for Submission of Articles to Insight

  1. All articles must be original, written specifically for Insight and submitted before the deadline to be included in a particular issue.
  2. Also include a brief summary of the author's qualifications and/or background relevant to the subject of the article being submitted.
  3. The article should be either related to the theme of the particular issue and/or relevant to Muslims/Islam in Australia.
  4. The article should preferably be typed (double spaced) or clearly handwritten (also double spaced).
  5. The length of the article should be up to 3000 words.
  6. Quotations from Quran and Hadith should be followed by their references in the following format:
    • (Quran [surah no.]:[range of ayahs]) eg. (Quran, 36:37-40)
    • (Hadith, [name of book of Hadith]) eg. (Hadith, Bukhari)
  7. References, further readings should be listed at the end of the article in the following format:
    • Books: Author's surname, initials, year of pub., title of book, pages quoted, city of publication.
    • Articles: Author's surname, initials, year of publication, title of article, name of publication, volume, pages quoted, city of publication.
  8. The submission of an article does not ensure its publication in a particular issue or any issue. A stamped self-addressed envelope should be enclosed if you wish the original to be returned in case the article is not published.
  9. The editorial board reserves the right to edit an article before publication in any way it deems necessary. If there is a large amount of editing necessary, then the board will consult the author.
  10. Letters to the Editor may be edited in order to shorten the letter or clearly present the views expressed.
  11. The dates of the Islamic calendar should be expressed as Hijrah (AH) and that of the Roman calendar (AD) as Christian Era (CE).
  12. The following abbreviations are to be used:
    • (s) for Sallallaho alaihi wassalam;
    • (a) for Alaihis salam;
    • (r) for Radhi Allaho anh
  13. Submission of Articles
    1. E-Mail: contributions are preferred via e-mail in HTML format pasted into the message area. Other acceptable formats via e-mail are: text pasted into the e-mail message; text as an attachment; Microsoft Word 6 documents as an attachment. When attaching files to an e-mail, include the description of each attachment in the message. E-mail all contributions and communications to: insight@ifew.com.
    2. Disk: contributions can also be sent on IBM or Macintosh formatted (1.44MB) diskettes. The only acceptable formats are:
      1. Microsoft Word 6.0 (IBM/Mac)
      2. Microsoft Word 5.0/5.1 (Mac)
      3. Microsoft Word 2.0 (IBM)
      4. Text (ASCII)
        Note that some formatting may be lost when we convert to HTML. A hardcopy (printed) version of all articles must accompany the disk with its filename written on it. This will assist in referencing the file with its content and will serve as a backup in case of damaged disks. Restrict all filenames (including Mac and Win95) to eight characters plus three character extensions (e.g. lifedeth.doc). The disk must be clearly labeled with:
        1. INSIGHT
        2. Author's name
        3. Format IBM/Macintosh
        4. All relevant filenames on each disk and their format (eg Word 6)
        5. Date sent
    1. Fax or typed Hardcopies: in some cases, faxed or typed hardcopy articles will be accepted. The articles must typed, using a 12 point font (or equivalent), line spacing of 1.5 and printed on a laser printer (or equivalent) or faxed directly from a PC. Fax all communications to: +61 2 9823 3626.
    2. Hand written: in rarer cases, hand written hardcopies will be accepted.
    3. Graphics: all graphics should be in either GIF and or JPEG formats, reduced to the display size (e.g. 3 inches x 2 inches) and resolution (72dpi) making it ideal for downloading and viewing with a browser. Graphics can be sent via e-mail or disk. In some cases, TIFF or EPS formats will be accepted. Note when converting EPS to GIF, substantial loss of quality occurs.
    4. Send all diskettes/hardcopies to:
      • PO Box 111, Bonnyrigg (Sydney) NSW 2177, AUSTRALIA.

Copyright: [(c) IFEW 2000] This material is published in Insight and is the property of the Islamic Foundation for Education and Welfare (IFEW) [http://www.IFEW.com/]. Such material may be reproduced only in print or e-mail on the condition that this copyright notice follows it and that a copy of the publication is sent to Insight (PO Box 111 Bonnyrigg NSW 2177 Australia). Electronic publishing of this article on the internet, whether through the web or ftp is prohibited. However, those wishing to make internet users aware of a particular article or the publication are welcome to direct others to the relevant URL or the Insight home page [http://www.IFEW.com/insight/]. Note that opinions expressed in Insight are not necessarily those of the editorial board.