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Vol 15 Number 39, 2000

Networking the Ummah

Islam in the Information Age

The accelerated adoption of the networked world, through technologies such as the internet, satellites, mobile communications, audio/video streaming and the convergence of these technologies, presents opportunities and challenges to the Islamic movement. In the eighties, the dawning of the "Information Age" was being heralded. Yet these soothsayers themselves did not know what was to come. Traditional paradigms are being thrown out the window as the world struggles legally, socially, financially and morally to adapt to the new but everchanging landscape.

The physical world seems less relevant as the new media allows for direct communication. Do we now have the perfect environment for Islamic work?


for articles to be included in the

next issue of INSIGHT is

15 October, 2000

Your original, previously unpublished contribution is urgently sought.

Suggested topics/Areas to tackle

1. Available technologies and their use.
2. The new classes: the haves vs the have-nots.
3. Appropriate methodologies to harness the technologies.
4. Online Islamic references and their accuracy.
5. The challenge of deliberate miscommunication and misinformation.
6. Case studies of current projects - lessons learnt and successes acheived.
7. Da'wah using the Internet.
8. What's in store.
9.  The finance of networking - making and losing money.

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