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 Letters to the Editor

Assalam alaikum,

I read the article about Islamic school in Australia and it was really interesting and I thought it covered almost everything about our situation in Australia.

One thing I thought it will be a good idea is linking all the Schools around Australia through their web pages (if they have one), so that the muslim students will know each other and discuss about Islamic/Educational topics, well I thought that might be a good idea. This is our web page address "http://www.aic.wa.edu.au ". One more thing, if it is OK I will put a link to your page from the school site.

Samir Kahsay
Perth, Australia

Dear Editor

We appreciate your professionalism, we like your periodical, its content, subjects, style, political moderateness (orientation) as well as its availability in the Internet.

We are a group of Arabic-origin people, who temporarily live, work and study in Ukraine (former USSR territory). Unfortunately, we do not have any opportunity to read periodicals in our native language since nobody publishes Arabic newspapers here although there are more than 90,000 Arabic people in Ukraine.

So, we would like to ask for your kind permission to reprint and distribute your periodical among our fellow citizens and countrymen throughout the territory of Ukraine. From our side we could regularly provide you with the local news, press reviews and so on.

Practically all of us are highly educated people: philologists, journalists, physicians, businessmen, teachers and engineers.

Dr. Omar Salamen, Dr.Saeb Halasa
Dr.Ramze Alshamale, Eng.Sulaiman Deya
Eng.Fathe Ayad, Ahmad Shamsen
Khaled Jaza, Ahmad Khashmsn
Khaldyn Aldayd, Akef Alnavaisa

Assalamu Alaikum Editor,

I have returned to the state of fitrah in 1990, alhamdulillah.

Originally from a Bosnian Serb family, I've been living in Adelaide for 12 years now. I have been working, with Allah's permission, on establishing a South Australian Muslim Reverts' Association (SAMRA), first of its kind here, inshallah.

We welcome any support your organisation can offer us - advice, guidance in administrative issues, suggestions, troubleshooting, literature, or whatever. Or simply sharing your experiences of the ups and downs of your own establishment... Jazakallah khayran, please remember us in your du'a, inshallah.

Dania Abdullah

Assalamu Alaikum Editor, 

I'm pleased to visit your site, which really matches with our target.

We at Harf Information Technology concern in spreading authenticated Islamic knowledge. Harf was established in order to fulfill the cultural and information needs of Muslims by producing creative computer programs, developing information and database technology.

Now available, more than 20 computer programs that help Muslims every where. With several languages and how to easily access all what they may need of Islamic Information, all information included were heavily reviewed, checked, and approved by reputable Islamic organizations like AL-AZHAR AL-SHARIF.

Other important services are also available such as:

# Web CD publishing

# Design and hosting Islamic sites

# Internet/Intranet Islamic contents for Islamic sites

For more information, Please visit our two web sites: http://www.al-islam.com and www.harf.com.

Mahmoud Hasan
Sales Manager
e-mail: Sales@harf.com

Dear Editor

As salamoo alayqoom and thank you all very much for performing a great task like publishing news, views and articles on Islam in your reputed website which we are frequently visiting. We do pray to Almighty Allah that he accepts all of your efforts and give you with due reward. We would like to request you to publish more articles on the shortcomings and the problems our Muslim Ummah is facing everyday. We also like to draw your attention to one more important thing and that is, please put more emphasis to teach on line visitors about Islam, about the responsibilities as a Muslim and we also like to see news about Islam and news about the Muslims staying in the Indian sub continent.

We are ready to help you in every step for the sake of Allah and for the cause of Islam. Let us walk together to the path of Jannaat.

Ziaul Haque
ICRA (Islamic Cultural Research Academy) Foundation Bangladesh

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