Talk given by Q Ashfaq Ahmad on 20 December 2006 What is the Holy Qur’an? • FIR’AUN: ‘O Musa! Who is your Allah?’ MUSA: ‘My Allah is the one who created me and the whole universe and guided His all creations’. • Allah (SWT) guided the humans in 3 ways: 1. Created many things and substances to be used by humans for their use and comfort. 2. He sent His messages in the form of books and oracles and 3. He appointed noble personalities to convey His messages and act as role models for people to follow. • The last word of Allah sent through the archangel Jibrail to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is called Al-Quran: The one to be memorised and recited the most throughout the world. • Al-Quran was revealed twice: 1. As a complete document ‘Mushaf’ from the original abode to the lower land close to the Earth. (Surah no. 97). 2. In small and large pieces to the Prophet for 23 years. Quran: Manual for Believers: • The Quran which Muslims possess and recite in book form is in the same sequence as the original ‘Mushaf’. This is the divine sequence not to be changed. • Quran is the word of Allah expressed in such a way that the humans can understand the divine communication from Allah (SWT). It is the absolute truth for the use of humans. • The Quran is sufficient to work as a manual for humans to live in the world provided it is understood in the light of the explanation by the Prophet himself and his scholar-companions. • Quran, Hadith and Sunnah all three when combined together provided the most clear and absolutely truthful statements and findings as the guidance for living in the world. • The most authentic and certain way of understanding the Quran is: 1. To know the Quranic Arabic and ponder over the meaning of its words. 2. To interpret the meaning in consultation with Hadith and Sunnah. 3. To prepare a practical manual for oneself as the way of living. LET WE, THE BELIEVERS LOVE AND RESPECT QUR’AN TO THE EXTENT OF USING IT AS THE GUIDANCE AND MANUAL FOR OURSELVES

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