Talk given by Q Ashfaq Ahmad on 18 December 2006 A: Background

  • Allah (SWT) created humans in this world to rule it as his deputies according to his guidance, teachings and rules.
  • Allah selected best persons at different places in different times as His prophets to receive His messages, to convey the message to people and to demonstrate actions according to these messages.
  • The first man was the first prophet Adam (A) and the last prophet was Muhammad (PBUH) 1428 years ago.
  • Allah revealed the verses of the Quran to Muhammad (PBUH) through his archangel Jibrael (A) in small and large pieces for about 23 years from prophethood start and death.

B: Achievements

  • Muhammad (P) was honest, truthful, trustworthy, loving and friendly to his friends as well as his enemies.
  • He patiently tolerated the atrocities and sufferings by his ignorant and ungodly people.
  • Within 19 years, he changed the whole Arabian Peninsula from polytheism (worship to many gods) to monotheism (worship to one and only Allah) and within his last four years, he made Islam accepted through the whole middle east of his time.
  • Islamic civilisation dominated the world from 12th to 17th centuries for 600 years, having science and religion working hand in hand.

C: Reminder for us All

  • Our forefathers got position, wealth, status, spiritual and material supremacy by accepting and following Muhammad (PBUH)
  • The honour, prestige and success in both worlds can be obtained if we truly accept Muhammad as our leader. We can also rule over the world if we act upon Islam, the leadership of Allah (SWT) and Muhammad (PBUH).
  • Hence, our first and foremost duty is that we should

1.      Thank Muhammad (P) as the mercy to humanity who elevated the followers of Islam.

2.      Love Muhammad, his family and companions who underwent great hardships and made Islam acceptable to non-Muslim through their character and noble actions

3.      Study seerah (life history), and Hadith (teachings and actions) of our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH

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