In 1930 I was born of a Muslim family, in India, a land of almost insurmountable tension between Hindus and Muslims. That I was Muslim was merely a fact of life, and I neither doubted, nor yet had knowledge enough to substantiate my belief in Islam. Even of this I was ignorant until one day I was questioned by a Hindu acquaintance. “How much do you know of this religion of yours, this Islam?”, he queried. Dumbfounded, it was at that point that I realised that indeed I knew precious little regarding this most important aspect of my life.

Having graduated in Engineering I left this sphere of learning for almost five years, so that I could study Arabic and Islam. Would this mean the rejection of the religion of my birth?
In research of a rational parameter, I was led to go through the Holy Quran. It was during this study that I realised how infinitely miraculous is the plan of Almighty Allah, and how marvellous is His Guidance in the form of the Holy Quran. Plunging into its ocean of revelations and learning, I realised that I was a traveller who had not only lost my way, but had not even had the understanding to realise that this pathway had been there for me from birth. No longer was I a Muslim in name only, no longer a prey to ignorance bordering on hypocrisy, but, at last, making an effort to travel on the right path…

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