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The Interfaith Youth Friendship Centre is dedicated to better understanding amongst all Australians. It fulfills this objective by bringing young people from all faiths together so that they may appreciate each other’s religions in a fun and exciting way.

In 2006, IYFC has many activities, including events during Harmony Day (18 March) and workshops. These are outlined in the attached brochure.

2006 IYFC Harmony Day Brochure 2006 IYFC Harmony Day Brochure (176.92 KB) (not found)

A key outcome of the IYFC was the Reflections Manual which recorded the interactions between the youth as well as key messages for the religions, communities and organisations involved in the activities.

Reflections Manual

Click below to download this manual.

Reflection Manual (4.64 MB)

Click here to learn more about our involvement in the 2006
Living in Harmony (page not found)
campaign by the Australian Government.