Motivation Talk 1
Sunday 4 February 2007

1.       Goal and Intention:
Intention is at the start which supports you to be more alive while goal is at the end which gives further continuity to your life. Goal is related with the inner picture of oneself and one’s sense of possibility.

2. Importance of Goal:
1)       You and only you can discover the goal and live it.
2)       Goal makes you to know
i.      your personality and its development,
ii.      your life that you want to live and
iii.      what image you want to leave behind.
3)       Your journey is to discover and fulfil your goals.
4)       Your effort for the achievement of the goals determines your destination after bodily death.
3. Goal-setting should be carried with the mutual agreement between mind (rationality) and heart (passion).
4. Goal-setting activates our will, imagination and experience through the process of priorities: Plan > Focus > Completion.
5. Goal-setting enables us to differentiate between important and non-important works.
6. Goal-setting serves as a beacon to let us know where we are heading.
7. In an emergency, goal-setting should be kept aside.
8. Conditions for effective Goal-setting:
1)       Select for your own sake, not to please or impress someone else.
2)       Activate your potentialities.
3)       Keep your goals always achieveable.
4)       Maintain your character in line with the current goal.
5)       Integrate your goals with your intentions and values.
9. Steps For The Achievement Of Goals

1)       Self-selected goal motivated by get-going itself while becoming capable and persistent for learning from others.

2)       Use both right (creative) and left (analytical) brains.
3)       Have mini-goals with sub-steps and then main goals, all with intelligent prioriting timings.
4)       Anticipate problems and arrange kinds of support materials and persons to help you in solving these problems.
5)       Self-talking or internal commentary is thoughtful and encouraging.
6)       Check moment by moment work by getting absorbed in the process, correcting mistakes by reorientation and regrouping and minimising your burden or strain by limiting pace   or achievement.
7)       Value the achievements, even mundane, by proving creativity. Always try for EXCELLENCE in all your work.
8)       Evaluate your successes only after completion of your effort.

Ideas sourced from:
Chosen Happiness – Life and Soul Essentials
By Stephanie Dowrick
Allen & Unwin
Published: 2005

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