Manual for Faith-Communities

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In 1930 I was born of a Muslim family, in India, a land of almost insurmountable tension between Hindus and Muslims. That I was Muslim was merely a fact of life, and I neither doubted, nor yet had knowledge enough to substantiate my belief in Islam. Even of this I was ignorant until one day I was questioned by a Hindu acquaintance. “How much do you know of this religion of yours, this Islam?”, he queried. Dumbfounded, it was at that point that I realised that indeed I knew precious little regarding this most important aspect of my life...


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An-Naziat Introduction Presenting the unique phenomenon of the functioning of different kinds of winds and clouds as evidence, Allah has directed the unbelievers not to consider themselves safe from His punishment, nor yet to dare to falsify the position or message of the Prophet (pbuh). They have latitude only for the moment. Once the freedom [...]