Presenting the unique phenomenon of the functioning of different kinds of winds and clouds as evidence, Allah has directed the unbelievers not to consider themselves safe from His punishment, nor yet to dare to falsify the position or message of the Prophet (pbuh). They have latitude only for the moment. Once the freedom of living in this world has been removed, they will be taken into the grip of Allah, and for that He does not have to make any arrangement. The same winds and clouds that sustain their living at the moment, will function as the wrath of Allah, totally uprooting them.
According to the introduction and style of content, this surah resembles Surah Al- Dhariyat (no. 51 ) and Surah Mursalat (no. 77). All the signs of the benevolence and sustenance from Allah are explicit indicators of the Day when Allah will punish the rebels who have disobeyed His directives. He will bestow His bounties upon those who have been consciously concerned about their presence before the Lord and Sustainer in the next life, having hence controlled their evil desires throughout the time allotted them in this life.

Stubborn unbelievers are warned about the dire punishment to be meted out to them on the Day of Resurrection and Judgement. This they ignore as an idle threat.

A. Verses 1-5: The evidence of the winds and clouds
The functions of the winds and clouds have been enumerated as the evidence for the manifestation of the Day of Resurrection and Judgement. Allah, Who controls the functioning of the winds and clouds, can use them as bounties for some, and as punishments for others. Nothing is beyond His Power.

B Verses 6-14
The commotion on the Day of Resurrection and the reaction of the unbelievers on that Day.
C Verses 15-26
The story of Musa (a) and Firaun relevant to the theme of the Surah Musa (a) fulfilled his task in the most polite and gracious manner to guide Firaun to the
right path, but he became arrogant. This caused him to ccome into the grip of Allah.With slight manipulation of the winds, Allah brought about the drowning of Firaun and his army.
D Verses 27-33

Few only of the countless Powers of Allah in the heavens and on the Earth are mentioned which serve also as evidences of the Resurrection and new life after death. It is revealed that for Allah, Who created the heavens and the Earth; originated day and night; provided enormous bounties for the sustenance of His creation, including human beings, it is trivial for Him to recreate human beings after life in this world.

E Verses 34-41
On that Great Day there shall be the painful end of the disbelievers in contrast to the rewards of the righteous.

F Verses 42-46

Instruction to the Prophet (pbuh) not to pay any attention to the questions of the opponents about the timing and detail of the Day of Resurrection.The point of discussion regarding the date and details of the Day of Resurrection was not the concern of the Prophet (pbuh), being within the realm of Allah alone. The Prophet’s task was only to warn the people who were afraid of that Day. Those who consider the Resurrection impossible will, on that Day, feel as if they have lived in this world merely for one evening or one afternoon.

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